Living a Long and Healthy Life With Education For Seniors

Regardless of age, education is invaluable and is an unlimited resource. It engages the mind and gives us an opportunity to improve our knowledge and skills. Continuing education for one may be to take a class at a local recreation center, to enroll in college online, read or listen to an audio book or even attend a seminar or a conference. Engaging in an activity that is a new experience to you is one of the best ways to stimulate your mind and keep it feeling young. Activities like chess, crossword puzzles, or socializing in interesting situations are all good for the health of your mind.

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to the 2009 CERTIFIED SENIOR ADVISOR INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT to further my education. Here I was able to contribute, share and learn with more than 1000 attendees regarding Trends in Aging. The Summit included panelists with a broad base of experience from government agencies, universities, the private sector and even a strong and impassioned 98 year-old who spoke about “Living a Long and Healthy Life”. Other topics addressed the important issues of social and business ramifications of people living longer, long-term care, community-based services, personal well-being and working with seniors facing chronic illnesses.

This simple three-day educational summit expanded my knowledge base with unlimited resources and information to help empower seniors and raise awareness about the options available. I encourage you to add to your wealth of wisdom. Go out; utilize community resources, educate yourself and know what is available to you.