Homeschool Lesson Plans for All Grades

Homeschooling my children was not an option I ever seriously envisioned myself pursuing back when they were toddlers. After all, I don’t have a formal background in education and didn’t know the first thing about how to teach my children to read, write, spell, add, subtract, or acquire any of the other skills they would be expected to learn in a public school setting. But because the schools in my district are so overcrowded and under funded, I decided to take my sons’ education into my own hands. I got hold of some homeschool lesson plans, read a lot of information about how to proceed, and joined a local support group. So far things are going great!

At first, I was under the impression that I would have to devise all my homeschool lesson plans by myself. That would have been a seriously stressful undertaking, and might have nipped the whole homeschooling idea in the bud. But I should have realized that in this day and age, there’s never any reason to reinvent the wheel (so to speak). Homeschooling is not a new notion; thousands upon thousands of parents have been through it already. That means there is an incredible wealth of homeschool lesson plans and resources for all grade levels available to me. All I had to do was learn where to look.

One of the best places to find homeschool lesson plans is on the Internet. There is an incredibly wide range of websites that offer ready-made lessons in every subject you would ever care to teach your kids at home. On some sites, you can browse through free homeschool lesson plans and download or print anything that catches your fancy. On others, you have to pay a membership fee in order to gain access to the “good stuff.” The quality can certainly vary from site to site, so I recommend checking a number of different places before deciding whether or not you should spend money on this endeavor.

Of course, you can always get free homeschool lesson plans from the public library as well. Contrary to popular belief, most libraries are still thriving, even in this Google era of instant information. My local branch has an extensive homeschooling resource center that contains photocopiable workbooks, teacher’s guides, textbooks, and more. The only drawback is that these materials must be returned within three weeks, which forces me to do a bit of additional planning to make sure we finish the units in time.

Overall, I’m thrilled to be teaching my sons every day and to be taking such an active role in their education. I’m not sure if I can continue doing this once they get to junior high and beyond, but for now things are working out wonderfully well. As long as I can keep finding interesting and engaging homeschool lesson plans online, I think my boys will be able to keep pace — or even surpass — their peers at the public school!