How to Lose the Belly Fat Once and For All

Centralized fat is a growing problem in today’s society, and for many people -men in particular- belly fat is the top concern. Centralized obesity is linked with heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease but fortunately there is some hope for those of us with a beer belly, muffin top, love handles and so on.

Let’s start by dispelling the most popular myth about how to lose belly fat. First, there is the falsehood that doing round after round of relentless crunches and sit-ups will sufficiently solve your protruding abdomen problem; there is no evidence to support this. Despite your abs indeed building muscle, they are buried underneath a layer of visceral fat of varying thickness. Further, crunches, like bicep curls, serve more to protrude the muscle than they do to flatten it; what people with belly fat really need is a means by which they can shed the layers of fat and replace it with lean muscle.

It starts in the kitchen, and more specifically in the fridge. Most of the beverages we drink are loaded with simple sugars and empty calories. A good rule to follow is to never let your caloric intake from beverages cover more than 10-15% of your daily energy intake. Water and milk or some other high source of calcium are really the only drinks you should be having on a regular basis if you really want to lose the belly fat once and for all.

It’s important to make food the fuel that your body burns to function optimally. That means keep a low to non-existent intake of processed foods that are packed with preservatives and chemicals. All of that junk collects in your body and the number 1 storage space for everyone is in their core. The best way to ensure your food is optimized for your body’s metabolism is to keep the quantity of ingredients in the foods you eat as low as possible; this includes anything you can find around the perimeter of a supermarket (with the exception of the frozen food section, of course).

Finally, there is a lot of re-education when it comes to exercise. For so long, people have felt that long, boring cardio workouts were the best route to take when it came to shedding belly fat. In fact, while cardio workouts are extremely beneficial for your heart and general fitness, they do little to expedite the rate at which you lose your belly fat. Due to time and space restrictions, there is only so much that can be discussed with regard to optimized abdominal exercise, you can go to my website for more information. Still, I’ll leave you with this; if you want to really rev up your metabolism, it’s crucial for your workouts to last less than 30 minutes!

Belly fat poses many potential problems, but it can be effectively wiped out if these lessons are applied diligently. Again, visit here to learn more.