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Chanakya – Management Guru for All Times

Chanakya, Son of Chanaka got this name from his Father. His original name was Vishnu Gupta and also popularly known as Kautilya through his family name (Gothra). Politics, Crime and Punishment, Artha Sastra – Whatever may be the lesson, Chanakya is the one and only Master in the ancient Indian University of Takshasila. Chanakya’s teachings are relevant even today, especially in these days of turbulence and turmoil in the global corporate world due to many reasons like recession and attrition.

The following are some of the teachings of Chankaya on different topics, which we can interpret to the modern world.

Chankaya teaches on conservation of every kind of resources. Catch hold of every drop of water to fill the pot. If you concentrate on every lesson, it will become your education. If you can save every paisa, it will make you rich. If you do good things, you will be praised as righteous person.

A man has to undertake many activities in his life time. How to perform these activities to achieve success? Chanakya says: Do penance alone. Study always with one more person as company. Learn music with three persons with you. When you are visiting a new place, go with four people. You should have five people for farming. Go to war with thousands of people.

‘Priya Vaadino Na Satruhu’. A person with sweet words will have no enemies. A word is the base for all human relations. A word will fetch you friends. A word will create enemies for you. You should live in this world without hurting others and get hurt. This kind of person will have no enemies in this world. He is the final Winner.

With regard to the anger of public, Chankaya says, if people are angry against the Government, it will lead to unrest in the country. Rulers have to take up social welfare activities. They have to create jobs for the unemployed. They have to create trust on the system.

On human relations Chanakya says, Enmity with fools is more dangerous. Enmity with friends is dangerous. Enmity with Gurus will deprive you of knowledge. You have to be friendly with everybody.

He is the friend, who always follows you, whether you are proudly going to the court of King or sadly going to the burial ground.

You have to have food after feeding your family, relatives, guests, poor and people in distress and that food will equal to nectar.

Ill health is more dangerous than enemy. It will kill you, when you are not alert. Limitless eating will lead to indigestion. Limiting your intake of food is always good for health.

Chankya says: you can learn lot of lessons from animals. A lion always eats the food by hunting. It never craves for leftover food. A crane will hunt to just fill its stomach. It will not be greedy. A Hen will wake up early in the morning. It will never be lazy. A dog always obeys his Master and trustworthy. A donkey’s patience is always ideal to follow. A crow will always call its fellow crows to share the food available. You can learn many things like this, from the animals living in this world.

Thus, Chankaya’s unique way of teaching is relevant even today which is followed worldwide by many Companies across the globe to train their employees in Leadership qualities, people management skills and problem solving techniques.

Financial Aid For All Moms and Women – Obama Provides Scholarships to Women Going Back to School

What is holding you back from school? Money is probably the biggest concern. Family, kids and having a day job are too.

Are you aware that Obama has made $10,000 scholarships available for all Moms and women who want to continue their education. You can use this money to continue with your degree, start a new one or start a new career. If you want one of these scholarships they are limited, so not everybody will get one and the sooner you apply the better.

What does a better education mean? More jobs will be open to you, you can earn more money, and you will be able to get further ahead in your job.

A high school education only goes so far. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is getting nearly impossible to get a good job without some college. Some people really stand out and can climb the corporate ladder faster without a better education, but most people can’t.

On top of that, without college, you will spend many more years trying to get successful than if you didn’t return to school. With these scholarships that Obama has made available, there is very little excuse why a mom can’t return to school. Even working a full time job and having kids doesn’t mean you can’t set aside a few hours per week to study and you can even get a scholarship and study on-line.

The important thing is to take a class you really love, that makes it easier. Don’t go for a job because of the job. That makes learning so much easier.

Has Constant Continuing Education for Careers Become Certain?

Indeed, I have this theory that many of the top professionals who are at the top 5% in their field are leaving those industries because they are tired of doing all the constant required continuing education to keep their licenses current. If all the smartest and best professionals decide that all this busy work is destroying their productivity and time, therefore making it not worthwhile anymore, then the only people who will be left will be those people who are perhaps not as smart, or not is qualified in the field. It is well-known that people of lower intelligence level are quite satisfied doing mundane and repetitive tasks.

Now then, I can tell you that any professional or just about any field realizes that the government has them continually filling out forms. It is something that is very boring, repetitious, and causes nightmares. Not to mention the fact that it takes up all of their time, worse the government wishes to make sure that everyone fills out the forms properly, and therefore everyone in the profession must study as per the new regulations so they know how to do it, supposedly to perhaps stop fraud, or ensure that everyone pays the taxes they are required to file.

All this continuing education is destroying productivity at a time when productivity should be sky high thanks to the use of computers, personal tech devices, and the abundance of information and digital resources, but that’s not happening. Yes, we are getting a productivity boost, but then we are taking it all away from everyone with all the ongoing education. It almost seems criminal as it is stealing people’s time. Perhaps it is safe to say that constant ongoing education for a professional career is now a given, and it is a certainty.

Unfortunately, there are far too many new young regulators who couldn’t get a job with their law degree so they go into government work instead. Apparently, they wish to change the world but they’ve never been in private practice, nor do they understand the business side of things. They wish to micromanage everything so it is easy for them to do their job, scan all the data and records quickly, and weed out all the anomalies who might be fraudsters.

That’s all well and good, but you can’t regulate morality, people will always find a way around rules, but in the interim we are destroying productivity, and causing the very best of breed in every industry to retire early, or decide to go do something else. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it because we don’t fix it it’s only going to spiral out of control, as it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – that is to say the dumbest people remain in the industry, and they are the same people that make the most mistakes, because all the smart people are leaving or have already left.