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Beyond the Boardroom – Video and Web Conferencing For All – Part 2

In a recently published article Beyond the Boardroom: Video and Web Conferencing for ALL – Part 1, we listed five industries outside of the boardroom who are taking full advantage of online communication tools to save time, money and increase productivity. Here are five more industries who are thinking “outside the box”:

Judicial System

From conducting client depositions to allowing remote witness testimonies, the justice system is using video and web conferencing to cut back on legal costs and shorten the lifecycle of trials. The prison system is benefiting from it’s use as well by allowing high risk prisoners to appear in court remotely, reducing the possible safety hazards of transporting them. Other ways the judicial system is using video and web conferencing include remote hearings and arraignments, as well as prisoners meeting with friends and family members without anyone having to travel to the prison or jail to see them.


Today’s society moves fast; people want things now and don’t have the patience to wait. Video and web conferencing has allowed the Manufacturing Industry to reduce production time, ultimately resulting in reducing the time it takes for a product to get into the hands of the public. This is made possible by allowing manufacturers to speed up product feedback, increase quality control and bring together teams of developers, designers and vendors, all located in different areas throughout the world..

Healthcare Services

It used to be common practice for doctors to make house calls, but as society grew and technologies changed, it became normal for patients to visit doctors in their office. Video and web conferencing has allowed doctors to bring back the house call, making their patient visits more personal. Doctors are now able to conduct medical consultations, get advice from fellow physicians, monitor patients and offer support to patients without leaving the comfort of their office. In addition, hospitals are using video and web conferencing to help train future physicians by allowing them to go online and observe surgeries as they are taking place.

Media Relations

Journalists and news reporters use video and web conferencing to expand their reach into the public, giving them an international appearance. They are hosting video press conferences and conducting web based interviews without having to travel to locations around the world.

Interpreting and Sign Language Service

Communication is a prominent issue facing individuals who are hearing impaired. Video and web conferencing has given these individuals a tool which allows communication barriers to be broken down. Interpreter services can now use video and web conferencing to communicate with those who are hearing impaired. This works especially well in a classroom setting where interpreters act as an advocate for students, staff and parents, giving equal access to education for everyone.

As the popularity of video and web conferencing grows, more and more industries will begin to adopt this technology, making it a “must have” necessity to doing business.

An Essential Guide to Online Education For Business People

Business people often find themselves crushed with their hectic schedules so much so that taking out time to update themselves on the latest technologies or equipments become almost impossible. However, with the advent of The World Wide Web, things have taken a better turn now. With the emergence of online education for business people, going ahead and keeping oneself updated seems to be quite an easy game nowadays.

There are a wide range of schools and universities across the globe that offers online education for business people. These schools do not demand regular attendance and the business people can continue their studies along with their work. They can take their own time to learn the lessons and submit the tasks or projects assigned to them. At no point of time they feel that they are not able to cope with the pressure of their academics.

However, if you are a business person make sure that you are enrolled in a reputed university. Online education holds value if the degrees are awarded by a reputed university or school. You may also come across a number of universities that offer programs where you do not require submitting any kind of assignment. These are the universities that do not let the students get enrolled in reputed ones and thereby cause a permanent damage to their academic growth and development. They are also considered to be the black spots of online education.

The degrees awarded at the genuine online schools are however, considered equivalent to the regular degrees. The online degree students are also rewarded with the same opportunities that the other students who attend regular classes feel privileged about.

The business people always need to further their professional development. As they work full time they are mostly unable to do so. But with online education programs and courses, they are able to fulfill their dreams. The courses are available in the form of degrees and certificate programs. You can easily opt for the degree programs if you have successfully completed your high school degrees or you may opt for Masters Programs if you have qualified your Bachelors degree successfully. At any point of time you can upgrade your professional qualification by enrolling for the certificate programs. Masters programs are always known to open wonderful career opportunities and usually these jobs come with a great remuneration package.

If you feel that the online education process is quite complicated you can put your thoughts at bay. The students require putting in the same efforts as the other students put in for their regular degrees. The online degree students, in fact need to put in some extra effort and also require having great time management skills.

When you enroll for these courses, the administrator sends you all the required instruction kits and course materials. The lecturers are available at a pre-decided time and conduct the courses online. At any point of time you may get back to them with your queries and difficulties. However, it is very important for you to complete all the assignments on time and follow the courses regularly to get good grades in the exams.

Online education for business people are also intended for those business people who stay in places which are not easily accessible. When you select an online education school, make sure you are well aware of the institution and also get confirmation from various sources.

The Best Forex Education For Beginners

There are many options available to get an education trading the forex. A new trader can quickly get overwhelmed by all the information available on the internet. There are all kinds of opinions about what are the best techniques and strategies you should learn. When looking at all these sources it’s easy for a beginner to become paralyzed by too much information to choose from. So what is the best forex education for beginners?

There are as many opinions as there are traders who will give conflicting advice as to what strategies and techniques you should be learning. This is what most traders spend their energy on, pursuing that one perfect technique, that one strategy that will make them money. That’s why most traders end up spinning their wheels and never see the profits that are available from the forex. As a beginning trader you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with techniques and strategies. The best forex education for beginners is education that will focus on you becoming a good consistent disciplined trader.

Until you can become an effective trader yourself, all the techniques in the world are not going to do you any good. Most new traders will continually learn one system and then move onto the next because the previous one didn’t work. It’s usually not that the system didn’t work, it was that the trader wasn’t being consistent working the system.

As a beginner you should be doing your trading on a demo account. Find one or maybe two trading systems that you like and just concentrate on trading the system with consistency. Work on not allowing your emotions to affect your trading decisions. Don’t worry about whether your demo makes a profit or not. This is just practice time, the goal is not to make money yet, the goal is to become a consistent disciplined trader.

Whether it takes several months or a year or more keep your focus on consistency. After you develop that then you can start working on getting a system that will make you money. Until then if you want to make money you will be better off using automated expert advisor software. This software also called a robot will trade a system for you. Many of them have built in time tested systems that are known to make a profit. These programs don’t have emotions or bad habits to overcome. They just trade the system consistently.

You can learn a lot by watching a good robot trade and make a lot of money in the process. If you are interested in trading manually and want the best forex education for beginners, focus your education on yourself and your trading habits first until you become a good trader. If you want to make money now get a robot.