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One For All and All FOREX!

The Forex Market is so huge that it literally encompasses most of the human race within it. This article will explore the different individuals, businesses and institutions who take part in the Forex Market. Let’s start with the institutions first.

Central Banks

Central banks take part in the Forex Market primarily for the following two reasons:
1) Fix monetary policies
2) Regulate interest rates

In short, this would affect the supply and demand of their national currency in the financial system. At times, some central banks are known to “intervene” by buying or selling their own currency. An example is Japan, when the Bank of Japan intervened in 2005 by selling the Yen. This had the effect of “weakening” their currency, which helps their local exporters. Another recent example is Venezuela, when President Hugo Chavez devalued the Bolivar by 50% in early Jan 2010, also in an attempt to boost exports in a sluggish economy.

Commercial Banks & Hedge Funds

Commercial banks and hedge funds participate in the Forex Market to make money. That is the short answer. In today’s terms, more than 50% of banks’ income is derived from Forex. More so than housing/business loans! I was in a local bank the other day, and I saw a notice that said, “Interest rates for deposits upwards of SGD300,000 is now at 0.4%.” Is that pathetic or what? And that’s for a WHOLE YEAR! I make more than that in ONE TRADE!


Businesses take part in the Forex Market for a few reasons:

1) Hedge against currency fluctuations

Some businesses are more affected in the changes in Forex rates than others. A prime example would be importer/exporters. Japanese exporters are hurt by a high Yen because their competitive edge is lost when their goods become more expensive to importing nations. To off-set these losses, some Japanese companies actually sell USD/JPY in the Forex Market.

2) Business Costs & Expenses

As an example: A Japanese company based in Singapore would have to pay their overheads/salaries in Singapore Dollars. They also receive revenues in Singapore dollars. At the close of the financial year, the company would repatriate money back to Japan (which would mean converting Singapore dollars to Yen).

On a side-note, do you know that Chrysler, the car company which filed for bankruptcy protection last year, made more money in the Forex Market in 2003 than they did selling cars!

Retail Investors

This is by far, the most interesting group, and the one in which you and I belong to.

Let’s break this group up a little. I’ve identified 3 demographics of retail investors who take part in the Forex Market:

1) 20-35 years old

This group consists of students, young adults and perhaps some married couples. They trade Forex for financial education purposes and to earn a second source of income.

2) 35-50 years old

This group consists of entrepreneurs, married couples, business owners and traders. They trade Forex to have a global view on finance and to diversify their investment portfolio.

3) 50-65 years old

This group consists of housewives and retirees. They trade Forex to pass the time and earn some daily cash income. The “Japanese Housewives”, also known as the “Kimono Traders”, form a significant portion in this group!

Which group do you belong to?

You know what? It really doesn’t matter. The Forex Market is BIG enough for all of us combined! So let’s start this exciting journey today!

It’s one for all and all FOREX!

Electrifying Business Phones For All Working Professionals

Business phones are amongst the latest category of mobile phones which have been recently introduced. Special category of such gadgets has been made available by mobile manufacturers to make life simpler and faster for all working professionals. These are superior units which come with the main driving force to make working fast.

Introduction of business phones have captured the executive class well. These are work based gadgets which are inbuilt with all exclusive features. Main driving force for presenting these androids is extracting more productivity from employees. For such reasons, almost all big companies provide these gadgets to their employees so that more resourceful gains can be attained in a short time span. Companies can even have a short leash over their professional workforce with these stylish gadgets. Yes, these are the most stylish and exclusive models which are designed with cutting edge technology norms.

All such mobile phones are equipped with latest innovative features which can allow the user to open documents and spreadsheets, view them and even edit the same. They are incorporated with huge wide screen to enable easy working as documents can be read easily. Connectivity of these mobiles is best which is required for carrying on important business transactions. Along with superior inbuilt memory, these handsets are encompassed with QWERTY keypads as well. This provides an added comfort to all the professional users. Even the navigation key and camera are easy to operate. So, if a person is in a hurry, the handset can be used with adequate comfort level.

These business phones are amongst the top ranking offerings which can be provided to all working professionals. They are superlative gadgets which have seed immense increase in popularity. Almost all big brands manufacture them so that most educated societal group can be targeted. Every single brand is in a race to produce the most stylish and advanced handset so that they can be used by working professionals. Although, these mobiles have been introduced for working professionals only but they are liked by young boys and girls also due to their super stylish looks and appealing appearance.

Heavy Duty Trailer Tarps For All Loads

Trailer tarps for all loads exist, making it easy to find one that’s right for your vehicle. Having said that, it’s always important to get the right size in order to ensure that your load is going to be completely protected from the wind, the rain, or even the snow.

It’s important to buy the right type as well as the right size. Good quality plays a huge role in ensuring good results. You should be looking for a product that is waterproof, one that can resist mildew and tears, as well as resisting acid. In addition to that, it should also be properly treated for UV rays.

Of course, your tarp should have good-quality grommets that will enable you to secure your load, and avoid your tarp from being blown away. The type of material you choose will depend solely on what load you are hauling and the type of protection you require. You’ll find that there are different types of industrial fabrics available, including polyethylene, mesh, vinyl, and canvas, to name a few.

Depending on your needs and your expectations, you can find a variety of special tarpaulins which have been coated and sealed to provide that added protection. In fact, you can also find newer products that are lighter in weight, by up to 30%! So, this will make your job a lot easier.

While some might think that this is a very easy decision to make, there are a lot of options out there for tarps on the market these days that should get you to think twice before you actually make your purchase. Consider what your needs are and what truly expect from your trailer tarp, in terms of durability and special properties. Once you really have these listed, you’ll be able to make an educated decision that will give you continued satisfaction for a long time coming.