Obama Promises Support For All Women Who Want Higher Education!

There is hope now for the ordinary women in America. There is no doubt that education is the one thing that will bring improvement and empowerment to women. That is why President Obama is out to motivate women to go for higher education by announcing the Scholarship for Women program.

There are millions of dollars to be disbursed under the program and every single woman who applies will be given ten thousand dollars. She should use the money to support herself through her study. The money can be used to pay for tuition. It can also be used on other things that she needs to be able to complete the course. That means she is virtually free to spend the money just as she wants. Those with children can spend it on supporting their children.

The basic requirement for receiving support is to be an American woman aged 18 years and above. You should be willing to study for a higher degree or diploma. Once you show commitment to that by applying for a place in a college of your choice, you will be given that money, that is ten thousand dollars ($10,000). Fathers can apply and get support but the program is primarily designed for women.

The application process is just as easy as signing up for a web service. There are no other requirements apart from proof of enrollment. This is a great opportunity for all women to grasp and get at least a certificate from a college or university of their choice.

Thanks to Obama’s Scholarships For Moms, Education For Single Moms is Easy Now

Everybody wants to continue his or her education. However, due to social, family or personal reasons some people are compelled to leave their education in between. Females constitute a big percentage of these unfortunate people. For such women, the Obama Government has come up with grants. These will help promote women’s education and in turn, empower them. The Obama government has announced $ 10,000 worth of grants for the mothers who had to discontinue their education due to one reason or the other. It’s a step forward to make women economically and socially powerful.

There are lots of scholarships available which aim at promoting the education of women in the country. You can choose a scholarship according to your study. You can go for the particular scholarship which is subject – specific like Science, Mathematics or even Engineering. For all these types of subjects and education streams, you can get grants from the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Here you can get grants from $5000 to 20,000 in order to pursue your graduation or post graduation.

Another place to get grants is SWE (Society of Women Engineers) – these grants are usually given out to deserving women candidate who discontinued their studies and wish to study Engineering. If you are interested in games, then you can go for Women Gamers grants.

These scholarships are an excellent opportunity for single mothers who are struggling living with low income jobs. President Obama has offered these grants as an opportunity to women to help raise their earning bar by getting a graduate or post graduate degree from a reputed university. So, you no longer need to sit back and regret the fact that you are a dropout and can’t earn well only because you are less educated. You can now fulfill all your wishes and dreams by joining the college and study your favorite subjects, or maybe get trained in a specialized course. These things will definitely help you get what you have been looking for years.

These grants can help single mothers a lot. The primary reason for this would be that a mother who is single has to bear several responsibilities on her shoulders and if that mother is less educated then often enough, she would also be in a low paying job. Thus getting better trained, preferably in a technical field would brighten her prospects considerably. Plus she does not have to worry now about the financial aspect, as it is the Government who is going to pay for it all. So, money restraint is no more. You can even go for the best education available in the city. The President Obama has has fulfilled his promise of providing scholarships and grants to the needy. Now, it’s up to you to utilize this opportunity to put your life and put your life on fast growing path where you can earn not only money, but respect too.

Fire Safety Education For Children – 3 Tips To Teach Children About Fire Safety

Educating kids about the importance of fire safety is very important… especially children between the age of 5 – 12. This is because, children around that age range are generally more curious about the things happening around them.

Given their natural rebellious nature and the tendency to try everything the adults are doing, fire safety education for children becomes something that all parents must teach their kids about.

So how do you go about teaching and educating children about fire?

Well, here are some activities you can do with your kids to help them understand and be more aware about the dangers of fire.

1) Plan a field trip – It is always good to organize a field trip to the fire department. This will help the children learn more about fire safety and also help them get more comfortable with the fire fighters.

Because of the experience and the many different stories fire fighters knew about, it further helps to enhance the children’s learning experience. As we all know, children learn best through stories… and who else could be more qualified to tell these stories other than the expert themselves – The fire fighters.

2) Role playing games – Have a family meeting and discuss about what to do during a fire. In this meeting, several guidelines and rules should be laid out.

One such topic that should be discussed is the family fire evacuation drill. Lay down the escape routes and what everyone should do during a house fire.

Once all the family members know what to do during a fire, carry out a mock up fire evacuation drill every 3 months. This will help to instill confidence and cut down any confusion about what to do during a fire.

3) Fire Themed Crafts – Paper crafts such as making fire fighter hats or coloring competition also helps to instill fire fighting awareness into the children.

During the activities, it is also a very good time to let the children know more about the dangers of fire and why they should not play with one.

Once children gets to know about the dangers of fire, they will then avoid playing with fire.